My remarks at the Bris Milah of my son, Yair Simcha – 5 Tammuz 5775


When my  first child was  born, I  did  not yet fully appreciate what it meant to have a child. However, as she started to recognize me,  it was  really special and beautiful. Recently, Sara Ahuva  started to say, “Thank  you Abba” . I feel that the feeling that one gets when his child says thank you, must be similar to what Hashem feels when we say thank you. The feeling is really tangible yet indescribable. Now that we have a second child, I can fully appreciate what it means to have a child and I can give the Master of the world a proper thank you for this child, for life and everything that comes along with it. I would like to ask you to be mispallel with me that we should merit  and have the ability to raise all our children to be able to say and accept a thank you as well.

I feel it is appropriate to thank my parents for all their support and encouragement especially over the past few months. I would also like to welcome and wish a  happy 52nd anniversary to my wife’s  grandparents, Saba and Savta, who were able to make it here and join us in our simcha.May you have gezunt and Shalom for many more years.

Thank you as well to my siblings and their families for all that you do. We very much enjoy having most of the siblings here as part of the same kehilla. The kehilla and the greater community have helped us grow as individuals, so thank you for being part of that as well.

Lastly, Thank you Chedva for everything.

I was thinking that every Motzei Shabbos, we daven in Havdala that this week should be a week of Yeshua and as part of that, we sing Leyehudim Hoysa Ora V’Simcha V’Sasson V’Yakar. In our home, we grew up singing this pasuk every Motzei Shabbos. It  was like out secret that this song is not just for Adar time, but is to be sung year round.

The Kedushas Levi explains that when the Tzaddikim are doing Mitzvos, everyone around them is full of Simcha. When Mordechai was in Shushan, the entire Shushan, which was mostly not Jewish, was filled with this simcha, even though they had no idea what the were happy about. The Jews however knew why they were happy. It was because they were saved from Haman. The fact that they had the clarity and knew the reason for their happiness is called Ohr, which is why we say that they had both Orah and Simcha.

Yair Simcha is named after Zaidy – Simcha Haber. Just a few points about Zaidy which I feel are important to bring out is that Zaidy was Malei Simcha. Every time someone walked into the room his face lit up and there was an instant contagious smile on his face. He knew how to make you feel good and loved bringing us, his grandchildren, happiness in his own small ways, be it saving the comics for us from the newspaper, giving us some extra money or simply helping us feel good about pointing along with him during Krias HaTorah. This simcha which he had, which was deeper than his name was joined on his journey through the ups and downs of life with its tireless partner which was his deeply ingrained Emunah. Until his last days he would proudly repeat Krias Shema over and over again, I believe that this was just a manifestation of this deeply entrenched Emunah.

To understand the meaning of the name, I thought the Malbim’s definition of the root words Ohr and Simcha was very accurate.

The Malbim explains that there are three types of light: Ohr, Noga and Hallel. Ohr is a light that is a source of light, like the sun but also gives off its light to others. Noga is a reflective which is in it of itself not a source of light but it can accept the light and shine it back onto others.  Hallel is like a star that produces it’s own light and reflects from other sources of light but cannot illuminate more than just a dot in the sky.

Additionally, we know there are eight forms of Simcha, it is interesting that “Simcha” is not one of those eight? The Malbim explains that Simcha is the continual simcha that we always have no matter what the experience we may be having is. I feel that this is the Simcha that Zaidy had.

I would like to give a bracha to my son Yesimcha Elokim….  that he should always be filled with Simcha and an Ohr from Hashem and be able to reflect back on others to make them B’Simcha in every way possible.

It should be a Zchus in these weeks of Tammuz and Av, we should have an abundance of Orah Simcha Sasson and Yakar and merit to see Mashiach Tzidkeinu B’Shalom real soon.