Even Sheleima – An Overview

Even Sheleima

Even Sheleima is a compendium of the teachings of the Vilna Gaon put together by his Talmid Rav Shmuel Meltzen. The Sefer goes through the process of the intellect of Judaism and takes one on a journey beginning with the discussion of how to break bad middos, and continuing with ideas to increase Avodas HaShem and battling the Yetzer Hara. He then brings us to understand Yirah and Ahava and fulfilling the Mitzvos HaTorah. Once we have this down pat, he discusses raising children, Tefillah and learning Torah. He winds down down with a discussion of reward and punishment and the purification process needed to enter Gan Eden. The last chapter discusses Inyanei HaGeula.

A Teaching – Every passing day a person has a Neshama Yeseira and that gives us additional ruach haKodesh. On Shabbos we get additional Chochma to understand that which we learned (wth the Ruach Hakodesh of the week) in a deeper way.

This sefer is available in both Hebrew and English versions.
The Hebrew version can be purchased here
The English version can be purchased here

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