New Studies in the Weekly Parasha – An Overview

Studies in the Weekly Parasha by Prof. Nechama Leibowitz

An acclaimed teacher, Prof. Nechama Leibowitz taught Torah for decades and developed her analytical style to understand the Chumash. Her methodology was to present the pesukim, with the peirushim and work to understand the pshat in the pasuk.

As she herself said “I have no derech… I only teach what the commentaries say. Nothing is my own.

Her books, originally published in Hebrew, became an instant classic and have been studied by scores of students over the past decades.

While many academic studies of Torah tend to rationalize events and ideas that may seem hard to imagine or supernatural, Prof. Leibowitz constantly sought the fuller meaning of the pasuk through both pshat and drash. As she once said “the plain pshat of a supernatural event is supernatural” (Bereshis, p.255).

Born in 1905 in Europe to an Orthodox family (her elder brother was Prof. Yeshayahu Leibowitz), she made Aliyah in 1930 and taught for decades thereafter. She won the Israel Prize in 1956 and gave shiurim in universities, on the radio and across Israel. She was nifteres in 1997 at age 92, unfortunately she did not have any children.

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This review is based on material from Wikipedia and The Lookstein Center
Thank you to
Yael Unterman for her valuable input into this review.

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