Blueprints of Breishis – A Review

Over the past century, we have seen an increasing abundance of commentaries and Seforim on the weekly Parsha. Given this abundance of Sefarim, it is surprisingly difficult to find a peirush that connects the pesukim or perhaps the entire Parsha together. This is a novelty perhaps introduced by Abravanel and few others including the eminent student of Ramchal, Rav Moshe Dovid Valy. However, the majority of the peirushim are based on the pasuk or on singled out events in the Parsha.

Blueprints of Breishis by R’ Chaim Stepelman, gives us a unique outlook on the entire weekly Parsha. By analyzing the name of the Parsha, the author masterfully weaves together a common theme inherent in the Parsha, leaving the reader with an appreciation for the full Parsha. The Sefer also contains sections of review and an explanation of names found in the Parsha.

By learning the depth of the Parsha name and the theme included there in, we will understand how the name of the Parsha is not just a random word selection but is indeed the blueprint for the entire Parsha. I look forward to learning Blueprints of Shemos.

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