Give it a Try!

Some Thoughts on my Siyum on Taanis

There are countless stories in Masechta Taanis of how there when was no rain or some other calamity, the people went to the Tzaddik and while many times, the tefillos of the Tzaddik brought Rachamei Shamayim, other times it did not.   We also learned about the Zchus of the small actions of different people that merited the yeshua to come about.

The Masechta ends off with a seemingly random and cryptic  Chazal that when Moshiach comes everyone will be in a circle, with Hashem in the center and everyone will be  looking at their fingers

What is the connection to the rest of Taanis?

The Lubavitcher Rebbe (Likutei Sichos 19 pg 88) explains that everyone will look at their fingerprint and see how far they have come in Avodas Hashem and although each one is different from the other, they will all be together in a circle at peace.

The Arizal (Pri Tzaddik Korach)  explains in a deeper way that there is a deep difference between a circle and a line. A circle is a natural order where everything is equal there is no end and no beginning.  whereas a line can go in different directions, we can veer left or right or up or down. 

Before the Chet Etz HaDaas the world was in a bechina of a circle, then it went into a bechina of a line, where there are different levels,  when Moshiach comes it will all be a circle again.

 Sometimes, we feel we like one approach to Torah life over another, this is natural in Galus, this is like the line. Reb Akiva Eiger, in Toras Emes (Intro) tells us that when the tzaddikim are in that circle it will be apparent that it is not one person over the other, but it is all one circle. All of the Shivim Panim come together, it is like the mesh that makes up the core of the circle, that is where Hashem is sitting.

Rav Yonason Eybschitz (Yearos Devash 4;7) asks why are we davka in a circle and not in a square? He explains the difference between a circle and a square, is that on a square you can have tzaddikim who are closer to the center and those who are further from the center. In a circle we are equidistant. 

I believe this is the message that Chazal is telling us, we are human, we go through the circle of life, things can be tough at times, but we try to increase our Avodas Hashem, sometimes we don’t see our actions having an effect, sometimes we think that which we do, does not have an effect. Chazal is telling us that it all has an effect, and L’asid we will feel that effect when we are in the circle of tzaddikim, realizing that it does not make  a difference what one knows over the other, it is about that each person individually tried. For when we try, we are moving the lines to create a mesh within the circle. 

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