Recently, I experienced something that I am sure every designer experiences at some point in their career. 

I had worked hard to create something for a client, I sent it off and they loved it. It was a nice moment. 

The client proceeded to give it to one of their employees to utilize in their business strategy. However, the employee, with the best of intentions, completely botched up my hard work and made it very difficult to see what the original design was. I was frustrated and annoyed. I mentioned something to the client and it seems to have been resolved.

 Man is put on earth by a Supreme Designer, who has a vision for how we should turn out and what we should accomplish here. Many a time, even with the best intentions, we botch up, we go off script, and we do things which must annoy and frustrate God. Once we realize how mangled the original design has become, it seems irreparable.

 God in his infinite kindness, gave us a unique gift. It is called Teshuva. With this gift we can not only restore the factory settings and restore the design back to its original form. We can also delete the layers that portrayed it as a corrupted art form and bring back its original beauty. 

Man is told to try to mimic God and to act in Godly ways. God does not get annoyed or frustrated. God does not see us for our mistakes, but rather for who we truly are. Let us act Godly. Let us forgive that employee. Let us see and act towards others for what they really are, not for how they are portrayed.

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